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It’s no secret that the world of online business has been booming in recent years. Eating up sales of brick-and-mortar stores like there’s no tomorrow. A trend that won’t be slowing down any time soon, according to Nasdaq estimates.

As more retail stores shift their focus online, the opportunities for eCommerce brands and digital marketers are vast, but so too are the challenges. The brands best positioned to succeed online will use strategies that mirror the benefits of selling within an offline store. One way of boosting website trust and consumer confidence is with a social proof app. The power of social proof can be seen almost everywhere, from 5-star testimonials to celebrity endorsements. And with 83% of people trusting recommendations of peers over advertising, websites without credible honest social proof will damage their chances of converting traffic into leads or sales. For most brands online, simply getting and holding the attention of website visitors before they lose interest is the number one concern. Without attention and interest, the steps to that all-important sale will not happen.

The question then becomes, how can online brands hold the attention of website visitors long enough to share quick, pinpoint, social proof messaging. Time to introduce… custom website notifications with the Igniterfy social proof app.

What are Custom Website Notifications?

Custom website notifications are the latest, new and improved online popups. Notifying website visitors with timely, relevant pieces of information that enhance the overall online experience. Unlike the original (somewhat annoying) brass sales popups of the ‘90s and early 2000s. Custom website notifications are intelligent attention-grabbing tabs that notify website visitors with clear, to the point, social proof messaging.

With the average person’s smartphone receiving up to 46 notifications per day, people expect to receive concise snippets of info in notification form. Websites and online brands can use this trend to influence consumer behaviour and buying decisions with great effect. As most website visitors leave within the first 8 seconds, online brands have an incredibly small window of opportunity to influence a buying decision. A single notification with the right message could be the difference between a visitor leaving to a competitor website or staying to find out more.

From recent sales notifications to 5-star review popups from actual customers, apps like Igniterfy get custom notifications live on most websites in just a few clicks. With no technical know-how needed and over 20 customizable notifications to choose from, Igniterfy is the social proof app of choice.

Website Notifications & Social Proof

The art of any good social proof is subtle. Offering a sense of reassurance to any doubts within the mind of a potential customer. For most people, spending money is filled with an array of complexities. The idea of regret is something every buyer wants to avoid. Terms like the bandwagon effect and word of mouth marketing are great examples of why potential buyers trust the recommendations of others.

With the average website converting 2-3% of all traffic, it’s no wonder eCommerce stores and online brands are looking at every possible avenue to optimize conversion rate. With a focus on enhancing social proof, custom website notifications are designed to create interest, trust and subsequently, conversion decisions. As a social proof app, Igniterfy has specific customizable website notifications to boost social proof and conversion, such as:

    • Customer Review – Sharing the most relevant reviews from real customers gives website visitors the added confidence that the product or service will meet expectations.
    • Latest Conversion – Showing exactly who has recently purchased on a website can help foster greater desirability, credibility and trust. All positively contributing to conversions decisions.
    • Informational – Notifying website visitors with tailored marketing messages from the latest offers to new product announcements at the perfect time, enhancing the overall online experience.
    • Conversions Counter – Tallying conversions enhances scarcity and FOMO as website visitors hope to not lose out on the best deals as other buyers place their orders.
    • Social Share – Giving website visitors the chance to share content on their own social feed is social proof at its best. Holding the potential to go viral if trending with a big enough audience.
    • Live Counter – More examples of popularity and interest boosts confidence, trust and overall perception of value in the mind of website traffic.

With over 20 customizable notifications to choose from, Igniterfy has all bases of social proof for websites covered.

How to Create Social Proof App Notifications with Igniterfy

With Igniterfy, it’s super simple to get fully optimized social proof notifications live on any website. From eCommerce stores to blogging websites, Igniterfy makes it easy to create custom notifications in a matter of minutes. It’s free to sign up and test out the custom notification platform. With no tech skills required, fully optimized notifications tab can influence website visits in a few simple steps.

  1. Create a Campaign: Start by defining a campaign with a specific set of marketing goals and deliverables.

Create a Campaign with social proof app - Igniterfy


  1. Install Pixel: With the unique piece of JS code, simply copy and paste into the HTML code of the website where the notifications are going live.

Connect social proof app Igniterfy with your website.


  1. Create a New Notification: Select the ideal website notification for the social marketing campaign from the list of 20+ options.

Create a new notification with social proof app - Igniterfy


  1. Customize Notification: Change the design and specific details of the notification to match the branding or marketing requirements of the website its connected to.

Customize notifications with social proof app - Igniterfy


  1. Go Live: Update the status to active and now the fully customized notification is live.

Monitor notification stats in real-time with social proof app - Igniterfy


Once live, monitoring the exact impact of notifications on website engagement and conversion is simple from Igniterfy’s platform dashboard. All the key stats like impressions and clicks can be compared in real-time against actual website traffic and sales. Analysing campaign success instantly. With premium plans offering unlimited campaigns and notification impressions, the social proof app is literally doing all the hard work on autopilot.

Get started today with Igniterfy and see the endless possibilities of social marketing.



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